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Thursday, 11 July 2013


Please check out the links for the new version of "Love is in the Air."



I have changed the layout of both the ebook and paperback, updated a brand new cover, changed the description to reflect the fact it is not just a Valentine's collection, and included a new author (as mentioned on the previous post).

I hope you can all spread the word about the collection and continue to raise money for Diabetes UK.

So far we have raised £30.14 - please go to the "Charities" tab to find out about James's just giving page... I will shortly be adding to the pot with the proceeds from the paperback (I hope - still waiting for Amazon).

I am also in the process of updating Out of Darkness and have four new authors to add to our "Group." More details to follow when I have time... (how long is a piece of string?)

Thanks for reading and for showing an interest in our fundraising attempts!

Have an amazing day :)


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