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OUT OF DARKNESS is a showcase for a range of short stories from a variety of new authors.

Escape from reality and plunge into a dark world where ghosts reside, the grim reaper takes form, children are taunted by witches, something dangerous lurks in a pit and more…

Just remember one thing…don’t be scared of the dark, it won’t hurt you.
Or will it?


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"The only thing wrong with this book is, there weren't enough stories!!! Great idea, and I loved how all the stories were completely different showing the varied styles of writing. Definitely something for everyone!
Witches (tell me Harry is OK !!!) Ghosts... Creepy little girl ghost (poor Eddie), Grim reaper, a very strange pit (seriously what was in that thing) Fog (never driving in fog ever again) thank goodness for Terrorised at the end which made me laugh :)

Definitely not to be read before bed... Nice one guys. Will keep an eye open for you up coming new authors in the future. Great!"
"I bought this item on Kindle (before it was released as a freebie) on the back of reading "Hybrid" by Vanessa Wester. I have to say that it is a great read and the only disappointment for me is that they were only short stories.

I wanted to find out more about the characters and their backgrounds. They each had their own twists to the "horror" theme running through the book and if this was designed as a show case for the authors then for me it really worked. Lets have more please."

"I really enjoyed the stories in this collection. The subject matters range from haunted houses with a twist to more conventional monster in the pit, but all are crisply written. I particularly liked the surreal quality of Vanessa Wester & Angela Kelman's stories, & the touching love lost but forever story by Sam Croft. I wish all the authors success.

"It wasn't scary at all, but I enjoyed each story immensely. They were all well written and kept me reading from beginning to end. Loved the story-line in the last one, it was hilarious! Out of Darkness is a must have book when you only have a short time to read. Great for the train ride home or while sitting at the doctor's office."

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