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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Featured in the Isle of Wight County Press

I managed to get us included in the local press on the Isle of Wight!

Let's see if we can carry on raising money for charity...

Any authors interested please read the SUBMISSION guidelines,

Best regards,
Vanessa xx

The Article reads as follows:

A GROUP of authors have joined forces to raise funds for worthy causes.
The Short Stories Group is the brain child of Vanessa Wester, a local Author and Teacher based in Cowes, who, after speaking to another author, James Smith, through Twitter decided to embark on publishing collections of short stories to be available as eBooks and paperbacks via Amazon.

The ebook, A Festive Feast, features short stories from 12 worldwide authors, some Islanders, who wanted to do their bit for charity.

Vanessa Wester presented a cheque for £64.83 to Cancer Research in Ryde.  She said the ebook was dedicated to the memory of her cousin, Alaistair, who died of brain cancer aged 27.

Vanessa said:

“So many people close to my heart have suffered from cancer, it breaks my heart. But I hope in some small way this donation will help.

“Hopefully, the collection gives readers some enjoyment and the writers the thrill of having their work published.”

Vanessa would be interested to hear from other authors who would like to get involved. To date the collections are raising money for the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Diabetes UK.

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