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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


 I have to admit that I have spent many, many days (yes, that's how long it takes) updating both "Love is in the Air" and "Out of Darkness."

I am extremely proud of both books. I think they look great and I have learnt a lot along the road of self publishing by doing these collections! I hope you like them too...

They both have a brand new cover design, new interior layout, and extra tweaks here and there...

OUT OF DARKNESS (Available as an ebook and paperback)


US (New Paperback link) - for some reason Amazon.com do not automatically link editions whereas Amazon.co.uk do - I will fix this ASAP!

I have also included 4 new authors to Out of Darkness...

Samantha Bacchus already featured in "A Festive Feast"

Katherine Hetzel featured in "Love is in the Air"

Jody Klaire featured in "Reading is Magic" (visit www.kids4books.blogspot.com for more information).

And a brand new author - Madeline Dyer - WELCOME! She is so proactive she has already blogged about the collection and beaten me to it - Great stuff!!!

"When I have an idea for a story that I’m really excited about I’ll try to ‘hold off’ writing it for as long as possible, so I can develop it in her mind and add new twists to the plot. And when it eventually comes to the actual writing stage I’ll write out a brief outline, add more detail, do research into the background of the story (where’s it is going to be set e.t.c) and then write the scenes that are the most exciting, usually the climax of the plot. And then it’s just the rest of the book to write that’s left. Easy!"

I hope you have a look at our collections,

Enjoy the heat (if in the UK - I need a fan...)

Speak soon,
Vanessa :)

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