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Monday, 21 January 2013

A warm welcome to Sandra Giles

I'd like to introduce you all to another new author to join the Short Stories group, Sandra Giles. Her story will cast a magic spell on you all when you read it... remember publication date is set for the 8th February.
Sandra Giles lives in Cambridge, England, with her family. She has a great love for music (listening to it, not creating it) and is inspired largely by everyday events, especially those that took place in 2012, which saw her exploring some of the capitals of Europe.

Sandra first decided to try her hand at writing when she was at sixth form, and many of her teachers often praised her writing style, despite her never actually taking English as a subject. It happened most in her photography lessons. Though she claims to be terrible at taking photographs, whenever she wrote about the work of other photographers and described their images, it was with a lot of detail and a unique style that didn't go unnoticed. It was in those lessons that she started writing her first novel.

She has been writing what is looking to be an extensive fantasy series that weaves between the lives of different characters. As of yet there are only three full length novels from the series available to purchase, all of which focus on Jared, who is a vampire. The series, Collision Of Worlds, also features a number of short stories. Liquidising Love is one of those, which is no more than a small taste of what the world is about. More short stories can be found in two other charity projects, the first being Super Olympic Shorts, which, as the name suggests, focuses on a new form of Olympics. There is also Wilted, which is the author’s contribution to the charity anthology, Pick ‘N’ Mix.

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