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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vanessa Wester

It's amazing what you can achieve in a short space of time if you put your mind to it.

I had a conversation with an author, James Smith, a couple of weeks ago.  I read his short story.  Then thought I might write one.  Then thought we could do a book for Halloween if other authors got involved.  James thought it was a good idea... and off we went!

Through Twitter we got five (NOW 6) other authors involved and before you know it a book was published... yesterday in fact. 

What do you think of the cover? Dark right...mysterious...lol (I like the creepy pumpkin hidden in the corner)

OUT OF DARKNESS (cool title...I'd like to take credit for this but can't - it was James idea! I had "Mystery Mayhem" - lol...) is comprised of 7 (NOW 8!) creepy short stories... trailer as follows...

OUT OF DARKNESS is a showcase for a range of short stories from a variety of new authors.
Escape from reality and plunge into a dark world where ghosts reside, the grim reaper takes form, children are taunted by witches, something dangerous lurks in a pit and more…
Just remember one thing…don’t be scared of the dark, it won’t hurt you.
Or will it? 
  • BLACK WARNING by Vanessa Wester
  • GUARDIAN ANGEL by James Smith
  • MEMORY LANE by Sam Croft
  • THE PIT by Gary Alan Henson
  • GLENROSE HOUSE by Angela Kelman
  • CREEPING JESUS by Mackenzie Brown
  • LOST IN THE FOG by Sonia Wright
  • TERRORISED by Michael Holley
You can download it for FREE via smashwords... just click on the cover on your left! 

It will be available on KOBO for FREE soon... and Amazon, but they will charge $0.99 unless they decide to put it for FREE to price match smashwords and KOBO... we will try! 

Should any sales result... all proceeds will go to the British Heart Foundation.


Now, there is still scope to include other stories... I would love to have at least 20! 

So, authors... what are you waiting for? 

Get in touch, submit your short story, profile and online information and get included... you know you want to...

We have decided to do another book for Christmas... so if creepy is not your thing, write a short story (up to a maximum of 4000 words) based on Christmas instead.  All submissions welcome...

Thanks for reading and enjoy OUT OF DARKNESS...

Best regards
Vanessa :)

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