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Monday, 7 January 2013

The Next Collection of Seasonal Short Stories

I am going to publish the next collection of Short stories on the... (drum roll please) ...

8th February

In time for Valentine's... so if you have any short stories of a romantic nature, based loosely on the idea of Valentine's jump on board.  Get in touch via this blog, or contact me (or any of the other authors) via Twitter.  I will then give you an email address to send your short.

What we will need:
  • A short story of at least 1000 words, but please no more than 6000.
  • If you are not an existing author: a short bio for the book, any links to social media sites for "Meet the Author" section in the book, a picture for the blog, and a link and picture for any book you would like linked on this site.
  • Please try to edit your story thoroughly before submission. We can review and make minor edits, but we are not a professional editorial team.
  • All stories will be formatted (by ME) so that the book is uniform.
The books are all in aid of Charity. So, we will not be sending any royalties of any kind to participating authors.

Both OUT OF DARKNESS & A FESTIVE FEAST have received great reviews... and all the authors involved are a friendly bunch! (I try to be nice, but under duress I may snap...lol)

Submissions have to be received by Friday 25th January 

Happy writing...

Thank you for reading,
Vanessa Wester

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  1. Ooh I will look in thw story box.. no promises, mind