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Thursday, 22 November 2012


Welcome to two new authors... the short story collection grows... FANTASTIC! More editing for Angela (who has been a star), James & me, but hey... it's all good!  The next short story collection will be out shortly... keep posted...

Dona Watson fell in love with fantasy fiction in high school when she found an old copy of ‘Sword at Sunset’ in a used bookstore.  She is now a writer and editor with an unbridled love for fantasy and science fiction.  She lives surrounded by way too many books at her home in Southern California with a wonderful husband, two terrific children, and a precocious little dog. 

Dona Watson
Karen recently answered a challenge on another writer’s blog asking: ‘Can you describe yourself in one sentence?’  Her answer was ‘Karen is a kind, caring, compassionate, go-getter, who tends to procrastinate.’  However, there is more to her than that…
Karen has three grown sons.  Her oldest son had leukemia as a child and some day she hopes to write about their journey during that time.  She has never lived farther than four miles from the first house she lived in as a baby.  She was almost thirty when she finally got her driver’s license.  She worked for the local school district for seventeen years.  She was a reader for the blind.  She custom designs gift baskets, party sets, and gift bags.  She loves camping, yard work, and creating new things.  She did not start college until she was forty. She was on the Dean’s list and earned her AA degree, graduating with Honors.
And last but not least…Karen never considered being a writer until she was sitting at home a year and a half ago, bored silly, with a story in her head.  Now she writes everyday, putting stories down on paper and learning how to show vs. tell, while finding her own ‘unique’ style.
Karen Einsel

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I'm excited to be on board!