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Monday, 26 November 2012


The latest addtion to our Short Stories Collection is A FESTIVE FEAST

I have to admit that I am learning a lot whilst organising and compiling these collections.  The formatting job can be very tricky (I am pretty sure it is all okay now), then I have to ensure all the links are done properly, design a cover, and create a short "Teaser Trailer."

Then input all of the information manually into Amazon for publishing.  Unfortunately, Amazon only allows for 10 entries, so I had to group some authors together this time (perhaps next time, only the first 10 will get entered).  Not sure how to get around this.

What I forgot to do yesterday, and to my horror found I had done the same with my latest release, was enable the DRM (Digital Rights Management) - if you don't then I guess you make it easier for "pirates" to post a free copy of your book anywhere. I have to admit that I cursed a lot of times because I had to unpublish and start again (James was on the receieving end of my abuse - I apologised). 

It is not a problem for this collection.  For my latest release, Complications, it means I have to start again and lose the ratings I got - so please take a look and maybe have pity on me and buy it... I'm begging, its so sad! LOL... the frustrations of self publishing!

Anyway, the collection has a cracking selection of stories.  It really is a diverse mix.  If there is something I cherish from this venture it is that I get to meet, read and share the work of talented authors (I might even include myself - since I surprised myself with the story I wrote...it made me cry).  Honestly, I would have expected some stories to be similar, but they weren't. Every story is different and unique, it is a major selling point.  And I promise, I am not just saying that to make sales.

Please bear in mind that any proceeds collected from this collection will go towards CANCER RESEARCH.  Many of us have lost loved ones to this dreadful desease...it is a very worthy cause.

All I can ask is that you please have a look at our collection and spread the word... the next one we publish will be for Valentine's, so get those romantic thoughts in gear... and get involved.

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
Vanessa xx

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